The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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Character Sheet
Alias: PRO
PSN ID: Cody_The_Pro
Finishing Move(s): The Anuresym,Bloodline

PostSubject: ONE MORE MATCH   Tue Feb 25, 2014 1:26 am

A video has been uploaded to the COTR website, years after the last show.
-Video Play-
We see a man sitting in a chair, turned around. He has long red and black hair. Could it be him? He turns around.
Cody: Its all been over....... but while everyone retired to a life of luxury, I trained everyday. I am more of a monster than I was before, I am here to destroy. I did everything I wanted to do in COTR...except one thing. I wanted that cruiserweight title, I wanted the world heavyweight title. So I am calling Jason Williams out right now. If you still think you are the great wrestler you are, then face me. Put your title on the line. You've been living life on your beach house, payed for by your little autograph signings. You are a hypocrite Jason. I remember one time in your career, you had the fuck the fans mentality, but now you need them to survive. You are weak Jason and I am going to tear you apart, piece by piece. The fans are going to look on with horror as they see you hit the skywalker and then you losing the title. I am Cody Christo... I am the fans new hero.

[20:41:24 31/07/11] CWChampTyson : Strange that Sunday is a slow day :/

[20:41:38 31/07/11] CWChampTyson : I guess without Cody we have nothing to do Razz
[20:18:29] @ CodyChristo : HE'S DONE IT

[20:18:32] @ CodyChristo : HE HAS DONE IT

[20:18:40] @ CodyChristo : CODY HAS BROKEN HIS LOSING STREAK

[20:19:23] @ CodyChristo : BY GAWD JR

[20:20:26] Tyson Stewart : YAYAYAYAYAY


[20:20:38] @ CodyChristo : *buttcheek dances*

[20:20:41] Tyson Stewart : now brb

[15:12:11] Jimmy Poseidon : *buttcheek dancing*

[20:20:41] @ CodyChristo : OH YEAH

[20:20:46] @ CodyChristo : THIS BE GOING IN MY SIG
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