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 Interview with a Joker (Closed Mercer/Joker)

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PostSubject: Interview with a Joker (Closed Mercer/Joker)   Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:50 pm

The COTR cameras come up live on the announce team Greg and Andersen. Greg as usual in first chair while Andersen sits annoyed in the second.

Greg: “Ladies and gentlemen were all set for an exciting COTR event as the Joker will have a one on one interview with our backstage correspondent Ms. Quinn Walker.”

Andersen: “Wonder what she had to do to get that story?”

Greg: “…And I’m joined as usual with our resident ‘ray’ of sunshine Andersen Griffith.”

Andersen: “And I’m joined by the disgustingly optimistic ‘cub’.”

Greg: “That’s bear.”

Andersen: “Cub…bear…whose keeping note…anyways were about to be joined by the joke of COTR Apollo Creed for an exclusive ringside interview with Quinn.”

The COTR theme plays as Quinn walks out to mild applause. She waves at the fans mic and notepad in hand and takes a seat on the ring set, that’s been put up for the interview. A three seater couch sits next to a smaller one seater chair. Quinn adjusts her notes and sits quite professionally in the smaller chair waiting for Joker to arrive. Green lights gleam throughout the arena and ‘This Fire’ by Killswitch Engage hits. After the music plays for a brief moment Joker emerges from backstage walking to the left side of the stage. He raises his hands in the air and points to his fans huddling closer to the barriers trying to get a picture or simply a glimpse of the COTR warrior. He then walks to the right side running a hand over his face and through his hair. Once his palm reaches his forehead his legendary grin spreads slowly over his face. He runs down ramp and slides inring as pyros go off. He stays on the ground for a brief moment then goes top rope posing and playing to the crowd. He points to a fans sign that has Mercer dressed in a tuxedo tap dancing with a cane, with the words ‘Mercer tapped’ written below it. He gives the fan a thumbs up then walks towards the couch set up for him. He plops down and takes the mic handed to him by Quinn but does a slight double take and grins again as his music fades.

Joker: “So COTR isn’t a total sausage fest after all huh’?”

Quinn shakes her head with a smirk as the crowd cheers. Joker reaches over and takes her hand grinning.

Joker: “And may I say this Quinn….your interviewing skills are only matched by your indubitable beauty.”

The women in the crowd swoon as Quinn quickly slips her hand away from his and raises the mic to her lips.

Quinn: “Jokes on you Creed.”

Joker laughs as the crowd cheers and he sits back in his chair, feigning a broken heart.

Quinn: “Joker you just had a grueling submission match quickly followed by a ferocious tables match how are you doing health wise?”

Joker: “I’m not going to lie to you Quinn…I’m not one hundred percent…after I made Mercer tap like Gene Kelly…”

The crowd erupts into cheers as Joker raises a hand to continue.

Joker: “…He waited until my celebration to attack me, get the upper hand, demand the tables match begin immediately and put me through a table.”

The crowd boos as Joker shakes his head looking slightly frustrated by Mercers actions.

Quinn: “Besides the tables match how do you feel now?”

Joker: “How do I feel…I feel fantastic and I’ve dedicated my win over Mercer to all my freaks in the COTR arena and those thousands of freaks watching at home!”

The crowd cheers as Joker raises from his seat shields his eyes and scans the arena before plopping back down to the couch.

Joker: “Quinn its plain and simple Mercer can only beat me when the odds are stacked in his favor…he thought I was going to back down when he sicked his dog Inpact on me…he thought I was going to back down when he insulted my freaks, my home and my family…but with all that money
Mercer has he couldn’t pick up a bag of common sense.”

Quinn: “Common sense?”

Joker: “Yes Quinn common sense….common sense would have told Mercer since day one…he ran in the ring shooting off his mouth interrupting my arrival…common sense would have told him that day…that day Quinn….that I wasn’t the won to be trifled with…common sense would have told Mercer that I am The Joker….(cheers)….the Warrior of COTR…(cheers) but most importantly…common sense would have told him that I will be the first EVER COTR champion!”

Joker pauses while almost every fan in attendance jumps to their feet and Joker chants begin. Quinn shuffles through her notes waiting for the applause to ebb then proceeds.

Quinn: “Well…promises aside Joker…Mercer put you through a table…spine first if memory serves…what will you do if he tries something even more ruthless?”

Joker: “What will I do Quinn….what will I do…I’m gonna….”

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PostSubject: mercer   Fri Feb 11, 2011 12:40 am

(as joker was cuttting his promo with quinn, inpact shows up on the titantron)

the crowd starts to boo and chant you suck

inpact: HEY JOKER, joooooker(he says slowly as the joker turns to see inpact sitting in a chair backstage on the titantron )

inpact: joker (he starts to laugh) you really thought you were going to get away that easily huh

the crowd starts to boo louder

inpact: huh (he yells as he gets up from his seat) well you aint seen nothing yet

(the joker starts to yell come on bring it bring it)

suddenly mercer comes from under the ring with a chair and slides into the ring stalking joker with it

quinn: look out (she yells)

joker turns around and gets hit by the chair mercer was holding, as mercer hits joker with the chair he starts to yell to the crowd

mercer : (yelling) this is what yall wanted huh........huh(as he keeps on hitting joker with the chair and tells quinn to get out of the way as she runs out of the ring, he puts down the chair and starts to yell at joker messing with his head telling him to get up, but kicking him back down, then he stops) get up.....get up

joker dazed and confused slowly gets up as mercer hits him with the price is righ

anderson: oh my god (he yells) thats what im talking about shut that joker up

greg: now thats just sick attacking a man from behind

mercer: (mercer points and threatens greg and tells him to shut his mouth)

anderson: uh huh you better shut your mouth

greg: (clinching his fists) boy if i was younger ill have mercer by his head (he tells anderson)

mercer: ( mercer starts to smile and laugh and points to one of joker fans wearing a cotr jokes on you t-shirt)
you see that freak..... you see that

the fan starts to use one of jokers taunts (the both thumbs down)

mercer: (he gets out of the ring and starts to walk to the fan) you think thats funny...... huh punk.

the fan shakes his head yes as the crowd starts to chant freak freak freak

mercer:( looking around at the crowd and yelling) shut up shut up (the crowd still chanting freak and gets louder as they see their hero joker right behind mercer pointing both thumbs down)

the camera zooms on mercer face as he slowly turns around knowing jokers behind him. when he finaly turns around joker starts to punch him in the face. 1 2 3, at that time mercer is on the rail by the fans 4 5 6 7 8 mercers laid out on the ground. joker picks him up to use his finisher the last laugh.

anderson: no joker dont do it

greg: shut up hes getting what he deseves

joker: (yelling at mercer) hey mercer ( mercer body dangleing over jokers shoulders) jokes on you

while jokers already about to do his finisher , inpact comes from no where with a sledge hammer and starts to hit jokers gut.

while mercer is slowly getting up with a mean, fed up look on his face, inpact has already got the big man down

mercer: ( still with an mean look on his face) pick.....him....up (he tells inpact as he hits the price is right on joker)

now both mercer and inpact start to beat joker up the ramp switching the sledge hammer with eachother. as they finaly reach the peak of the stage. mercer grabs the mic from one of the camera men.

greg: this is just wrong

mercer: (with a sick and demented look on his face, looking back and fourth at joker, the crowd, inpact, and the tables at the bottom of the stage) joker (he looks dead at the bloodied face of the crawling joker)

mercer: joker look at me .....look at me when im talking to you ( he yells, as the joker looks up at him, mercer starts to smile) your money has just.....ran.....up( all of the refs start to come out finaly knowing what mercer had planned telling mercer to stop)

mercer: get them inpact..... get them(he yells as he picks up joker and performs a powerbomb throwing jokers body on 2 tables stacked up on eachother)

inpact starts to jump up and down yelling and pointing at jokers body while laughing hitting mercer on the chest

the crowd still booing

inpact: thats how we do it boy (inpact yells to mercer while mercer still stares at jokers lifeless body with a sick and ugly look on his face)

anderson: mercer is the truth and you know it greg

greg: only thing truthful about mercer is he is a sick man..... a sick man i tell you( shaking his head)

mercer music hits as he fixes his shirt with jokers blood on it and walks to the backstage area like nothing happened leaving inpact celebrating on the stage.

anderson: (with a smile on his face) inpact is a lucky man, to be mercers apprentice would be an honor.

greg:( with a mad look on his face) did you just see that garbage, someone needs to take that mercer out, this is juuuuust sick.

the camera zooms on jokers bloodied body as the refs and quinn look after him

the cotr logo appears on the tv ending the show
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PostSubject: Re: Interview with a Joker (Closed Mercer/Joker)   Fri Feb 11, 2011 3:22 am

Well done, guys Very Happy

That's not the end is it?
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PostSubject: Re: Interview with a Joker (Closed Mercer/Joker)   

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Interview with a Joker (Closed Mercer/Joker)
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