The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 Champions of the Ring Livestream, first recorded Match!

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GM Ryan Lee

Age : 32
Location : Moorpark, CA

Character Sheet
Alias: Ryuu Lee
PSN ID: kaydinv
Finishing Move(s): Dragon Suplex

PostSubject: Champions of the Ring Livestream, first recorded Match!   Fri Feb 11, 2011 3:36 am

Attention all Champions!

Champions of the Ring now has a channel on Livestream. Here is the address:

I now have a way to record matches in HD, so if you'd like to record your matches with me as a Manager in game, just let me know! We will most likely record the PPV events. The first recorded official league match is up for Azul vs Cody and you can see it on the channel!

I've found that an alternate option is also to get a recording straight from the capture program which ends up being GREAT quality and I can upload it straight to Youtube. I think we might go with this option can see for yourself here: <---720p amazingness against a random player
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Champions of the Ring Livestream, first recorded Match!
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