The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 Live CotR Matches

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GM Ryan Lee
GM Ryan Lee

Age : 33
Location : Moorpark, CA

Character Sheet
Alias: Ryuu Lee
PSN ID: kaydinv
Finishing Move(s): Dragon Suplex

PostSubject: Live CotR Matches   Fri Feb 11, 2011 3:39 am

Now that we can stream matches, if you'd like to have your match streamed and want to get the word out for spectators, just put in here to get the word out! It would be wise to include the time and date of your match in your post.

Note: Please set up a time with the person recording the match (which will most likely be me for now) before announcing the time for spectators.

EDIT: I think I've decided that uploading the capture to Youtube is just a better option. The quality is soooooooo much better.
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Live CotR Matches
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