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 Back 2 My Roots

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@*Mr.BTY* Justin Bailey


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PostSubject: Back 2 My Roots   Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:20 am

*The Announcer table is shown*

Greg: anderson did you hear Credible went back to his home of tulsa, oklahoma

Anderson: Yeah he returned home for the first time in years

*Justin is shown on the titantron on a tractor*

Justin: Life was hard livin on a farm i was up at the crack of dawn everymornin milkin cows and delivering paper

*Justin Walks up to his old house and knocks on the door his mom answers and scream hysterically*

Justin's Mom: OH MY GOD Justin what are you doin here

*Hugs his Mon*

Justin: Hey Mom wheres dad

Justin's Mom: he's in the den watching t.v.

*Justin Walks into the living room*

Justin: Dad

Justin's Dad: Hey son

*Hugs his Dad*

*Clips of Justin Father Wrestling plays*

Justin: My Dad was a great wrestler in OPW is finisher was the wheelbarrel FaceBuster Since he quit wrestling i chose to walk in his footsteps

*Justin Visits town square to meet some fans*

*Justin Shakes hands with some fans and signs some stuff*

*Justin returns home

*Justin takes his old tractor for a spin*

*Justin Hugs his Mom and Dad before leaving*

Justin: This trip has changed my whole view on the world

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Back 2 My Roots
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