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 Big T comments on the 1.3 Card (open promo)

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Big T


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PostSubject: Big T comments on the 1.3 Card (open promo)   Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:23 pm

Big T's music hits and he comes down the aisle. The crowd is giving applause as he interacts with them, slapping hands and showing the love to them. As he hits the ring, he is handed a microphone to speak.

Big T: COTR universe!! What's going on?!?!?

The crowd gives him his cheap pop.

Big T: I just got word that I'll be in two matches. For one I'll be in a ladder match against Dizazster and Ricky Lee. Now I have great respect for both of these guys, but I don't see any other outcome but a victory for me. Now that's not to knock my opponents, they are both great competitors. I think it's going to be an extremely tough match, but theres nothing getting in the way of my dreams of wearing gold in this company. I've been in the ring with some of the toughest S.O.B.s in the buisness, but I've never fought either of these guys. I can watch their matches all I want, but I really have no idea what they'll have up their sleeves until I'm in the ring, but they don't know what the Brutal Big Man can do either. Problem for them is: I do.

The crowd gives some light cheers again.

Big T: Then I have a match against Dizazter and Hatchet Warrior. Both of these men I have respect for as they are both excellent wrestlers. I've seen both of these guys wrestle and I can tell you they are fighters. I'm looking forward to it very much, as I get to team up with a man I have a ton of respect for in Justice.

The crowd pops a bit more.

Big T: Justice is a guy who, like me, wants to make an impact in this company. With the two of us working together, I see nothing but a bad day for our opponents. I am the most driven competitor in that locker room. I've been through hell and back, clawing my way through MMA promotions and dirty seedy Philly indy compaies that would put Japan to shame with what they consider "hardcore". I am on a path now to achieve my dream: to become World Champion. And like my partner Justice, I will prevail.

Big T sets down the mic and begins to exit the ring...
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PostSubject: Re: Big T comments on the 1.3 Card (open promo)   Thu Feb 17, 2011 12:23 am

"This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage suddenly blasts throughout the arena, as the crowd begins to murmur, unsure of who, or what, this could be. Suddenly, emerging from the backstage area, for his first time in COTR history, Dizazter enters, walking up to the edge of the stage area. He pauses for a moment, a wide smirk on his face, tapping the mic. onto the palm of his hand. As the crowd's mixed reactions, confusion, dislike, admiration, begin to reach their peak, Dizazter begins to speak to interrupt them--abruptly.

"May I have your attention please!"

The crowd begins to boo.

"No, no. I will not 'quote' anything now...this isn't RAW. This is!"

The crowd begins to cheer, but I don't know why, considering they just cheered for a website...

"Now, enough of that. Most of you, should, but DON'T know who I am. My name is, 'The Natural', Dizazter. Now, for some, this may be a 'who the fuck is this guy' moment. For others, they may remember me from my previous endeavors. Either way, let me tell YOU, the fans of COTR, what I have done in my career as a character roleplayed by some kid from New Jersey. I am a former GCW Tag Team Champion with some douche by the name of Violent Vick Vader. Before that joint closed down, I was poised to become the GCW Extreme Championship, and therefore, I'll add that accolade to my resume. I AM a former WCW Champion--no; I'm not David Arquette. In addition to this already impressive list of accomplishments, I was a CCW Triple Crown Champion, and, for a few months, was the interim-Genera Manager for the company. Shall I continue?"

The crowd responds loudly with a sea of boo's, as Dizazter successfully incited the crowd.

"Alright, alright. Even heels know when to get to the point--Big T. Big T...what the hell does that mean? Big...Toddler? Big...Transvestite? Big Testicl--no--I doubt that. Well, regardless of whatever your monicker means, I've seen you wrestle, and...quite frankly...I'm not impressed. I mean, a man of the size of the Joker--not Batman folks, the Hannibal Lecter-looking guy in the back--but are as clumsy as The Great Khali! I mean, Christ, I don't see how you even became a wrestler; I mean, you're only here because someone made you in Smackdown vs RAW 2011...otherwise, you'd, literally, BE NOTHING!"

The crowd boos, as "Big T" chants slowly begin to take form.

"Shut up! All of you! Why the hell would you even root for him? Because he's RESPECTFUL? Because he's an 'uber-face'? Because you feel pity? Whatever the case, there is no reason to support this Brock Lesnar 'wannabe'. You know who you should be supporting?"

Once again, "Big T" chants begin to start, louder this time.

"SHUT UP! Dammit! Listen T, let me cut out the 'BS' and the jokes--I am facing you twice this week--TWICE. Do you understand what that means? That my record will be 2 and 0. Do you know what that means? You will be down 2 losses. Now, big guy, this is basic math...1 win plus 1 win many? C' can do it!"

Dizazter bends down a bit, whistling and clapping his hands, instigating Big T by treating him like an untrained dog.

"...I guess not. Well, it means that I'll be two wins ahead of YOU. Two wins more in my career, and I will begin to skyrocket within the division rankings, and, mark my words, I will be champion by next month--undoubtedly!"

The crowd begins to boo, starting to chant "You suck!" Dizazter begins to speak, but Big T cuts him off...
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Big T


Age : 35

Character Sheet
PSN ID: BigTisHere
Finishing Move(s): Greatness

PostSubject: Re: Big T comments on the 1.3 Card (open promo)   Thu Feb 17, 2011 2:47 am

Big T holds his hand up to interrupt Dizazter.

Big T: Stop... just... stop.

Crowd cheers a bit for Big T.

Big T: I want to address each of your points. First of all, the T stands for TittieF(rest of the word is censored. the "bleep" guy musta been sleeping..) which is what I do to your mother for the $5 she charges me. And trust me, she's worth every penny.

The crowd gives Big T a nice pop.

Big T: Secondly, no one cares what crappy organizations you've succeeded in. No one gives a damn where you come from and what awards they gave to the special kid because they felt bad for him. The only thing they care about in CotR is how much you'll bleed for them.

The crowd cheers some more.

Big T: They wanna know if you'll break bones for them.

The crowd cheers and Big T tilts his head, staring right into Dizazter's face. Dizazter doesn't even blink and matches the staredown.

Big T: They wanna know... will you break bones? Or will you be broken? Only time will tell, but a couple matches with me and I'm sure you'll be crawling back to whatever garbage company you crawled out of. I'm Big T, the Awesome One, The Brutal Big Man. You are Dizazter. Hopefully... a wrestler that can perform alot better than he can spell. The Bottom line is you can sit here and make fun of me all you want to. I can sit here and crack my jokes, but I'm not gonna be scared of you, Dizazter. So we'll see each other in the ring this week. Twice. And we'll see what happens. But I've been through hell and back, you little piece of sh(censored... just in time as the crowd pops out). And no one is going to get in betweeen me and my dream: To become a champion these fans can be proud of!

The crowd gives Big T another nice little pop as he puts the mic to his side, still staring Dizazster down.
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PostSubject: Re: Big T comments on the 1.3 Card (open promo)   Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:45 pm

After a five-minute hiatus, Dizazter comes walking out to the stage, bending down to pick up his mic. The crowd begins to boo at his reappearance, but Dizazter begins to laugh.

"Oh man! Sorry guys, I'm sure you missed me--"

An overpowering, unison wave of boo's filled the arena, interrupting Dizazter, but he simply does the same, interrupting them.

"SHUT UP! Well, I didn't miss your asses either, so sit down! Now listen, Big Tits, um, I'm sorry for that quick delay--I have not a clue what your last promo had to do with--but I was playing a simulation, or is it?, of one of our matches to come: the tag team match against you and Justice, with Hatchet at my side. Of course, the outcome was nothing short of...disastrous...look.

Dizazter turns around, looking up at the TitanTron behind him:

"Yeah, sorry about the quality, Hatchet was filming this...don't know why I let him. But yeah, c'mon tech guys...skip to 4:50. That's where it gets good..."

The video suddenly speeds up to 4:50, as per Dizazter's request, and Dizazter is seen lifting Big T up, as Big T went for a clothesline, but Dizazter held onto his arm, pressed his boot against his face, and fell down with all his weight! Dizazter immediately turned around, speaking to the crowd.

"And you see THAT...that's what I call getting...JACK'D UP!"

The crowd begins to boo as expected, but Dizazter's comic demeanor suddenly fades away, as his voice begins more serious in tone, and precise, turning to Big T, leaning forward a bit with mal intent in his eyes.

"That...that is what I call...getting...Jack'd Up..."

Dizazter, still leaning forward, with a stern expression on his face, tossed the mic. nonchalantly over his shoulder, as the chorus of "This Fire Burns" begins to play. He then turns around slowly and exits the stage, heading to the backstage area.
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PostSubject: Re: Big T comments on the 1.3 Card (open promo)   

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Big T comments on the 1.3 Card (open promo)
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