The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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PostSubject: DTA... (CLOSED)   Sat Sep 17, 2011 4:42 pm

Anderson: “What huh?”

Greg: “What’s the meaning of all this?!!”

Pyros go off around the stage making the arena blaze with heat temporarily. A cloud of smoke is caused by the massive pyros but quickly disperses and standing in the middle of the stage is Apollo Creed. The crowd cheers but some boos are peppered in as the fans recall the Creed that returned to them last time.

Anderson: “IT’S CREED!! IT’S CREED!”

Greg shakes his head and buries his face in his hands.

Greg: “Not this guy..”

Creed stands on top of the ramp for some time looking around the arena that once seemed so familiar to him. He then looks from side to side at the audience members with his trademark smirk playing at the corner of his lips. He raises his arms and turns in a small circle letting the audience take in his latest assemble. He’s wearing a light blue colored Herringbone suit tailored perfectly to his body. Underneath the suit is a crisp, white button down opened slightly to expose his chest. Tucked into his pocket is a dark and light pink Armani handkerchief folded to fit into a neat square. To finish off his appearance is a diamond encrusted Tag-Heuer watch, a dark brown belt and matching Herringbone men’s shoes. He shakes his head in awe of how great he looks and begins to walk down the ramp. Mid-way down he drops to his knees and points to himself as pyros go off in every direction swallowing the arena with light. They soon fade and he hops up and passes by several audience members reaching out their hands to touch him. He deftly avoids them even pausing once to raise his index finger and shake it slightly at a female fan who attempts to jump the barrier. After his interaction with the female fan he quickly makes his way up the ring stairs and steps in-ring. He walks mid-ring and once again turns in a slow circle to a very mixed reaction. He walks over to the ring announcer and rips the microphone away from him. He signals for the music to cut and glares at the ring announcer.

Creed: “Do you know who I am?”

The crowd once again gives him a mixed reaction as he pokes the ring announcer in his chest repeatedly while speaking.

Creed: “I am a COTR original, the Holly Wood Heartthrob, the reason you have this pathetic little job…CREED!”

The ring announcer trembles in fear, nervously looking for an escape route.

Creed: “The next time I come down that ramp…you had better announce me correctly or I’ll stick this size 14 designer boot where the sun don’t shine!”

The announcer agrees and turns to walk away but Creed quickly grabs him up and raises him above his head. He holds the man suspended in air turning around for the whole audience to see before hitting his finisher the “last laugh”. The crowd boos as Joker then kicks the ring announcers broken body out of the ring.

Greg: “What the hell was that for!”

Anderson: “What do you think Greg…he dishonored this man and he got taught a lesson in respect!”

Greg: “If that’s how you teach respect I should teach YOU a thing or two!”

Creed adjusts his suit back to it’s normal condition and smoothes down his hair. The crowd boos and Creed simply laughs at their disapproval.

Creed: “Now put the damn spotlight where it should be!”

The lights in the arena lower and a single spotlight illuminates Creed mid-ring.

Creed: “You leeches listen up…I left COTR and I’ve returned to COTR but my motives have drastically changed. I came back and did what I wanted to all of you people I demeaned your heroes. I disrespected authority and most of all I made sure that absolutely none of you were entertained by your little “fan favorites” walking out of any arena…in any city a winner! I dashed so many of your dreams I accomplished my goals so there was nothing left for me to do…but wait.”

The crowd boos as Creed pauses taunting them to feed into their rage and fury.

Creed: “Then I get a call from Mercer you all remember that guy right?!”

The crowd boos drop even louder and Creed waves them off.

Creed: “Yeah I remember that guy too…me and him WE WERE POWER!”

Creed scratches the side of his chin for a moment then looks around the arena in question.

Creed: “You know what I hated about that sentence…WE…you see while I was busy winning him championships and being the freakin’ backbone of POWER all while getting my spotlight back from you people. I noticed something. Yeah…I noticed that MR. MERCER while claiming to take me into the fold of power was draining my spotlight the entire time!”

The crowd boos him and despite their insults he continues.

Creed: “So I started thinking what drives Mr. Mercer, what gets into his skin and makes him want to go insane. If you guessed Paul Impact your wrong…close but wrong…it’s a man here who gets to him quicker than that and his name is RYAN LEE.”

The crowd cheers for Ryan Lee and Creed pretends to gag before raising the microphone back to his lips.

Creed: “So for you COTR marks out there…some confusion started over the match that Mercer lost his belt in. You see Mr. Mercer thought he was going into a gauntlet match and let Killton pin impact wanting to get Killton one on one in the next round. But as fate would have it…it was just a triple threat. Mercer…in a rage and in disgust of Ryan Lee whom he’s not a big fan of in the first place…high tailed it. He called me and said I’m done and I feigned allegiance by leaving myself. BUT IM BACK! So, the question still remains who told Mercer it was a gauntlet match?”

Creed paces for a moment his smirk twisted into an all out evil grin.

Creed: “Who delivered Mercer his daily news…who had the most to gain if Mercer got pissed and exited stage left. Who was close enough to fool the MIGHTY MERCER!”

Creed pauses as the crowd shares a gasp of shock.

Creed: “IT WAS ME!!!!!!”

The crowd boos and one fan even tries to jump the barrier to get at Creed but he is quickly tackled by security.

Creed: “I was tired of playing second fiddle, I was tired of being the second in command I deserve to be #1! I’ve come back for the title CREED should have…CREED is the star now!”

Creed points to himself taunting the crowd by making the title sign across his waist.

Creed: “I’ll elaborate more on this later but there’s something else I need to tell you….I wasn’t alone!”

The crowd boos but shifts in excitement for the news to come.

Creed: “I needed a distraction while I worked out my master plan…ladies and gentleman it wasn’t as easy as you think. Now I want you all to go back to a time when that spotlight stealing hack Mercer and I were in POWER. Who was clever enough to play along…who was smart enough to help me weave my intricate web of deceit without anyone suspecting.”

Creed grins, pleased with his plot and excited about his newest development. He points towards the ramp but then quickly places his hand over his heart.

Creed: “Ladies and gentleman my accomplice was none other than….”

The camera pans to the ramp and waits for the accomplice to appear.
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PostSubject: Re: DTA... (CLOSED)   Sun Sep 18, 2011 4:38 pm

"It's Brittany, bitch."

A new song, unknown to the CoTR crowd begins to play. Firey smoke begins to spread across the top of the ramp as arching fires burst above the ring. Brittany emerges from the smoke, swerving her arms gracefully as the crowd begins to boo. She struts down the ramp, her hands extended out towards the flames as if she herself were a witch who caused the flames to appear. She moves to the right side of the ring, climbing up and leaning against the ropes. She rests one foot on the bottom rope and uses it to bounce up and do a backflip over the ropes. She backs up and runs her hands down her body, winking at the camera as it closes up on her face. She walks to the edge of the ring and motions for a mic.

Brittany: Hello, my adoring fans.

The crowd continues to boo, causing Brittany to roll her eyes.

Brittany: Oh, come on now. Now, what ever did I do to deserve such a warm reaction?

Brittany flips her hair with her free hand, letting out a small laugh. The boos only get louder and more fierce.

Brittany: Wow, just being in the same ring as Creed gets someone the VIP treatment here. Well, I'm glad I have your attention, because I have something very important to say.

The crowd slowly quiets to hear her.

Brittany: A bit ago, there was a pay-per-view... 'Son-of-a-Beach'. The CoTR's cheap knock-off of you know whose biggest party of the summer.

A few boos begin again.

Brittany: And during that pay-per-view I had a match against the lovely Vanessa for the women's championship, which I lost.

The crowd stops booing and begins to cheer at Brittany's loss.

Brittany: However, this was not my fault. No, this is not my fault at all. I was wronged by this division, by this federation... Mercer hated the GM... and I'm sure the feeling was mutual. Everyday Mercer would complain on and on about the GM, especially after he 'unfortunately' lost the championship due to a 'misconception'. Mercer left, Creed 'left', and Tyson went somewhat off the radar. I mended my ways and tried to forge a path for myself as a singles wrestler and not just a valet. However... one thing was made obvious. I was not given the same treatment as the other women. When I was the only woman actually doing work to get my division far, I still didn't get any recognition. While the "champion" sat on her couch watching me conquer women left and right, I was being harassed by various people. Did the GM stop it? No. Were they punished at all? No. POWER had definitely made a lasting impression. However, I bid my time.

The crowd boos.

Brittany: However... however, the whole time, I wasn't just apart of POWER to dance to someone else's samba. I was approached by a man, an attractive and powerful man with an enticing offer. I was to join with POWER and help him fabricate and decieve. How could I resist the offer? Now, I'm sure you all have guessed who I mean by now, but incase you're a bit on the slowside - which I am sure a chunk of you are - I'll give him the proper introduction this fool couldn't.

She smirks, slowly swaying to the middle of the ring and scanning the arena.

Brittany: Champion de l'univers de ring... Veuillez, Bienvenue dans l'anneau. Chaud, beau et terrifiant.. Mon amant, my lover. Le joker... Creed!

She motions to him as if she were a game show hostess showing off the prize to the audience.

Greg: Wow! This is just ridiculous!
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PostSubject: Re: DTA... (CLOSED)   Sun Sep 18, 2011 5:41 pm

The crowd erupts into boos as Creed turns in a slow circle while Brittany finishes his introduction. He stops and wraps one of her extended arms around his neck, the other gripping her waist.

Creed: “Now that’s an introduction!”

The crowd is so enraged at this point their chants and boos have mashed into a massive explosion of hatred. Creed raises the microphone to his lips his face inches from Brittany’s.

Creed: “You see Brittany. I’ve been in and out of this ‘lovely’ organization and through it all my potential has been squashed. I’ve been the bread and butter of COTR since the beginning and you know what I got for it? Hatred. Not a great job Creed your really lifting off…not a hey Creed congrats on your new movie role. NO. I got attacked, demeaned and belittled all because I want more…all because I expect more all because I want to push this company to new heights. Well Brittany…”

Creed takes a moment to dip her slightly and run a hand sensually down her leg.

Creed: “I’ve had enough! I won’t have Mercer in my ear anymore…”

He rights himself along with Brittany and moves to the back of her, his tone softening. He sweeps her hair from her back to where it rests on one side of her shoulder.

Greg: “Ewww get a room!”

Anderson: “Nothing like a little PDA in COTR!”

Creed: “I won’t have any ‘favors’ to call in…”

The crowd boos as he plants a tiny kiss on Brittany’s bare shoulder. He pauses there for a moment and pulls away walking to the ropes in front of where Brittany is standing. He leans over the ropes and begins to speak in a mocking voice.

Creed: “I don’t have a thousand plus nagging, spot-light stealing leeches telling me what to do like I’m some kind of damn puppet!”

The crowd boos and quickly an ‘asshole’ chant begins. Creed looks to Brittany shocked by the disrespect he’s being shown.

Creed: “You see the reason why they treat me so is because they are blind. YES! When I walked through the door HE knew…you all knew I was a game changer. I should have been pushed to the moon but I was looked over for the controversial Mercer. Mercer this. Mercer that. So I made some controversy on my own and what happens. Now everybody knows my name! Now everybody wants a piece of the Hollywood…..Heartthrob!”

The crowd boos as Creed goes to stand beside Brittany again.

Creed: “And when I spoke to Brittany I knew she saw me….the real me and since we both are underrated, underutilized and mistreated. We began to plot together and it became apparent that we were much more than stable mates…we had a much deeper bond and you better believe Creed experienced how deep that bond went.”

He shakes his head, pleased with his innuendo and turns to Brittany Claire.

Creed: “I all seriousness…this isn’t all personal it’s also part business as well. We have things to take care of, loose ends to tie up, champions to destroy, championships to conquer and the COTR to devour! So…”

He moves closer to Brittany stopping to admire her then turning back to the audience with a grin.

Creed: “Whoever said you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure….is a damn fool!”
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PostSubject: Re: DTA... (CLOSED)   

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