The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 Who is the World Cruiserweight Champion?

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PostSubject: Who is the World Cruiserweight Champion?   Fri Jan 06, 2012 8:48 pm

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentalmen........the winner of this contest and the.....NEW World Cruiserweight Champion, NEXT BIG THING.....JASON WILLIAMS!!!!

The match is finally over, after a tremendous match with near falls, Finishers and extremely painful Submission Moves, the dust has settled and standing before the CotR crowd is the new World Cruiserweight Champion, Jason Willaims. Jason backs up into a corner and holds the title in his hands. It dosen't take long before Mr.Big Shot hits the ring and starts celebrating with Jason.

Tyson walks down the ramp with a frustrated look on his face

''You Suck''

Tyson hears the crowd member and then walks closer to the barricade. ''I was never pinned! I have still never lost a 1 on 1 Match for that title!'' Tyson shouts at the crowd and then continues off, heading out to Clash Of The Champions.

Jason grabs a microphone from ringside.

Jason: Turn off the music! You see this Ladies & Gentalmen? *Jason is pointing at the WCW Championship* This is the last token, the final itch of proof that I am the greatest CotR superstar of all time! I am 6-0 on the match cards! I am a Former Breakout Champion! I am the World Cruiserweight Champion! I am the most decorated superstar of all time!

I am the Next....Big......Thing!
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Who is the World Cruiserweight Champion?
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