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 Feeding the Crowd (closed for Shiguru and Justice)

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PostSubject: Feeding the Crowd (closed for Shiguru and Justice)   Tue Jul 26, 2011 11:23 pm

Closer to the Truth by Cryoshell plays out through the arena as Shiguru makes his way towards the ring.

Greg: Folks this man was almost the winner of the gladiator tournament on Sunday and boy did he and Azul give us a show!

Andersen: He never came anywhere near being champ! What are you talking about?!

Greg: Oh hush up Andersen and lets see what Shiguru wants.

Shiguru motions for a mic and leans on the ropes looking out at the cheering audience.

Shiguru: Thank you everybody for the support you have been giving me since I made it here to COTR.

Shiguru gives a second as the crowd cheers

Shiguru: You have cheered me through all of my loses and through all of my victories. I thank you for that. I came up a little short this Sunday but how can I be disappointed when I lost in the best match of my career! Azul you are an amazing competitor and I thank you for a spectacular match.

The crowd gives a chant for Azul as Shiguru waits patiently for them to finish

Shiguru: Thank you everybody. Your support means more to me than you know. And to prove this as true I would like to ask you all who you would like to see right now walk out of that locker room and come face me 1 on 1. I don't care who it is. This is all up to you to show my appreciation for your confidence in me.

One person in the crowd yells out "KILLTON" as the rest of the crowd grows silent for a brief moment and then begins to chant in unison.

Crowd: We want Justice, We want Justice, We want Justice, We want Justice!

Shiguru: The crowd appears to have spoken! Justice will you please gratify there request and join me here in this ring for a battle that no one in this arena will ever forget?

Shiguru moves the mic away from his mouth and awaits Justice...
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PostSubject: Re: Feeding the Crowd (closed for Shiguru and Justice)   Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:48 am

after a 20 second or so wait, "Justice" by Rev Theory blasts around the arena as the crowd continues to chant, Justice walks out onto the stage with a microphone in hand.

Justice: Well, well, well. Thank you CotR Universe for such a brilliant ovation. Really! but hey, this is your choice, so Shiguru, my friend, be ready for a match, because i'm bringing my A-game, and i wont back down. This is what the people want, and thats what the people get!

Justice begins down the ramp toward the ring as the crowd chants the names of both men.

Greg: oh man i cant wait to get this match started, this will truely be one match for the history books!
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Feeding the Crowd (closed for Shiguru and Justice)
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